Tuesday, February 24, 2009

If at first you don’t succeed…

R_Bird_MonogramThis past year I have become a Blog Reader Junkie but abandoned maintenance on my own Blog because my life was in kind of a tail spin for a while.  Since I was uncertain about the direction I was heading I thought I should just “Be still” for awhile and take in the thoughts, suggestions, and ideas of others rather than put myself out there (where ever that is).  So here I am – back in blogosphere.  We’ll see where it takes me.

I am cautiously changing my life since my job ended in August after 17 years.  While I believe it was a good thing, it has been a difficult transition. I am learning things about myself and others and am trying to figure out where to go  from here. There have been lots of bumps, disappointments and AHA moments as well.  Also I have learned that I have many very dear friends and an absolutely great family. My husband and children have been so supportive, and my sisters, brother, nieces, nephews, etc.  have been wonderful. I am so blessed to be so loved.

I have many good contacts in  business, but feel compelled to do something more creative and dedicate my time to things that have lasting value.  Its pretty obvious that the “world’s system” just doesn’t work, (I knew that – but for some reason we keep trying to buy in to it!), and so I want to be sure that I spend the remainder of my life as God leads me. I don’t want to work for works sake, or just to make money.  I certainly don’t care about titles, position or power as so many people do.  It just doesn’t do it for me.  My satisfaction has to come from knowing I am in the will of God and putting Him first in all things. If I do that, than everything else will take care of itself.

Be as a bird perched on a frail branch
that she feels bending beneath her,
still she sings away all the same,
knowing she has wings.

Victor Hugo


Since I don’t  like unfinished business, I will begin blogging again.   I intend to share my inspiration, ideas, homemaking tips, recipes, decorating ideas, and life at La Petite Maison de Spencer.  I hope you will join me on my journey


 Rebecca xx

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Click to play buddy

Cirque de Chiens

One of the best aspects of spring and summer is having our little doggie family enjoy the great outdoors. Ours come in all sizes from teacup Yorki Biscuit to brawny bulldog Mac. "Our" canine kids are our extended family. Buddy was the Senior of the clan - the independent, proud Yorki, alpha male extrodinaire. After 16 years we reluctantly and sadly ushered him to doggie heaven last September. He will never be replaced, but he has left behind his playmates, Biscuit, Reiley and Mac. (1 Yorki, 2 Bulldogs). In one form or another, they are joy and sorrow. Joy because they put a smile on our faces just by being around. They are sooo cute! They are so funny! They are so HUMAN! Most of all, they are ours.

The life of a dog at La Petite Maison is all joy. They swim in the pond, play with the forest creatures, roll in the grass, chase fairies, and bask in the sunlight. Life should be so good for all of us.

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace

Its been a particularly tough month at work. Lots of uncertainty and changes. Demands and strife abound. I am daunted by the power of God and the strength and peace that He gives so freely. His word and promises keep me grounded and balanced. Truly His Grace is Amazing. I am so grateful to have a supportive and Godly husband who prays for me daily. I am humbled by the way my children have grown in grace and have their own walk and faith in God. That my little ones have the ability to council and encourage me in their young adulthood. I am thankful that God sees me as sanctified and not in my sin - which is what I deserve. I am so undeserving of His love and redemption. But His Grace is greater than all my sin!

I am comforted each day as I return to our Petite Maison and find rest and rejuvination. We have twin baby fawns that were born this week. They are covered with little white spots and have spindley legs. I hope they will make their home in our enchanted forest and we can enjoy watching them grow up. All of the trees are full of leaves again and we can start to plant the flowers for summer. The flowering vinca and bocopia are two favorites that we tuck here and there for little bright spots among the bushes and trees. Today we will plant the flower boxes and take the garden furniture out of hibernation.

Jim wants to go to le brocante (flea market) tomorrow to find the things we can't live without - but didn't know it! I will look for crowns, tiara's and vintage jewelry. I love all types of ephemera too. I hope to find well loved books with lovely ornamental script and hand drawn illustrations. Maybe I will get lucky and find some old ledger books too. Don't know why I love paper - but I do.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Rest & Rejuvination

Yestday I spent the most wonderful day with my girls - Katie and Monica. They planned an outing for us to celebrate our birthdays. We had a message, then came back to our petit maison for a soak in the hot tub. Then we zoomed over to the salon for maniucures. Next we met at the hair salon for cuts and color. Our final stop was at the Laura Mercier counter for a makeover. I am exausted from all the pampering. I look forward to doing just one of those treaments. Its tiring to do all of it in one day! I am not complaining mind you! Monica is a natural beauty and doesn't need to do a thing to her beauful face. She has perfect skin and her smile lights up her whole face. After the make up application she looked gorgeous. They put on just enough to make her features stand out, but you could hardly tell she had applied makeup. Katie had fun trying everything out and asking lots of questions. By the end of the appointment, she had 4 technicians working on her to our one. More than anything, I enjoyed spending the day with my daughters. I am so blessed, I can hardly contain myself. Its fun to do things like this togethr and enjoy our womanhood. We love the girly girl treatment every now and enjoy doing together. But today is back to the chores. I will be putting away the winter clothes and taking out the summer wardrobe. Can't wait to wear sandals again. Guess I better schedule a pedicure!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Winter Vacation in Geneva

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UT OH! I Found My Way to the Blogosphere!

Hello Everyone - I am going to try my hand at "blogging" since I am not the best at keeping in touch. I do however, really enjoy writing and working on my electonic appendage a.k.a. my laptop. (I am rarely without it!) I will see how it goes and see if anyone actually is interested or cares. For starters, I took a much needed vacation day today and was playing with some family photos. I created a little album (just 5 pages) from our Geneva vacation in 2005. Hope you enjoy it.

I get seperation anxiety when not in the office and still have to check email - then find myself still engaged in work 3 hours later! Working at home in PJ's is still better though.

I think I will like this blogging thing if for no other reason than a distraction from working. I really should be cleaning the closets though! Oh well, this is more fun. TTFN (I learned this from a blogger - Ta Ta For Now)

Please join in the fun and drop me a comment. You can subscribe to my posts or just save the blog to your Favorites and check back from time to time. A visit in Cyberspace is better than no visit at all! XXOO